Alan R. Tait, PhD

Professor Emeritus (Active), Anesthesiology, Medical School


Dr. Tait is Professor Emeritus (Active) in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan. He has been trained in classical epidemiology and biostatistics and has over 30 years of experience in clinical outcomes research, psychometrics, qualitative research, and in the management and analysis of large datasets. He also has many years of experience mentoring undergraduate and graduate students as well as medical school faculty.

Research Interests

Dr. Tait's research interests include studies examining the effects of general anesthesia on outcomes in children who present for surgery with a variety of risk factors including upper respiratory tract infections, obesity, ADHD, and sleep-disordered breathing. This work has identified several risk factors for children undergoing elective surgery and suggests ways in which the anesthetic management of these children can be optimized. More recently, Dr. Tait has also been involved in studies examining parents’ and children’s decisions regarding safe postoperative opioid use in the context of their perceived risks and benefits. Recent development of the STBUR scale has been shown to be effective in identifying children at risk for post-operative respiratory and opioid-related adverse events and has been adopted by several healthcare institutions.

Dr. Tait is also involved in developing strategies to improve the communication of informed consent to adult patients, parents, and children. Current studies suggest that many patients and research subjects have limited understanding of research and medical information and therefore may not be truly informed. This work has involved development of novel interactive multimedia and augmented reality applications for medical education, including informed consent, medical procedures, research education, and safe opioid-use for parents and children.

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