John R. Traynor, PhD

Professor, Pharmacology, Medical School


Dr. Traynor is the Edward F. Domino Research Professor and Associate Chair for Research in the Department of Pharmacology. He directs the Edward F. Domino Research Center which focuses on the use of basic sciences to discover and implement evidence-based medications for opioid and other addictive disorders.

Research Interests

Dr. Traynor’s research is on the molecular and behavioral pharmacology of opioids and how this pertains to the development of non-addictive pain medications and medications to treat opioid overdose and abuse.

Dr. Traynor's projects include:
-Allosteric Modulation of the Mu-Opioid Receptor
-Regulator of G protein signaling proteins differentially control opioid analgesia

Opioid-related Publications

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