Heroin use and overdose following changes to individual-level opioid prescribing


Heroin overdose rates have increased in recent years, but there is little understanding of the factors that have led to this increase. It has been hypothesized, but not demonstrated, that reduced access to opioids due to efforts to reduce high dosage opioid prescribing has led some patients on long term opioid therapy to transition to heroin use, leading to overdoses. This project uses OptumInsights data to examine patterns of opioid reduction in association with treatment for heroin overdose in a national sample of claims data for commercial insurance (including Medicare Advantage enrollees).

Status: Ongoing
Funding: CDC
Faculty Engagement: Jennifer Waljee, MD Faculty Engagement: Paul Hilliard, MD Faculty Engagement: Rebecca Haffajee, JD, PhD, MPH Faculty Engagement: Jenna Goesling, PhD Faculty Engagement: Lewei (Allison) Lin, MD, MS