Michigan Safer Opioid Prescribing Toolkit


In 2018, the UM Injury Prevention Center and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services worked together to develop a safer prescribing toolkit. A needs assessment was conducted to understand what topics were necessary for inclusion and would be most relevant to practicing clinicians. Based on the topic areas identified, the UM Injury Prevention Center conducted a comprehensive review of all safer opioid prescribing toolkits currently available. In addition, the Center conducted a comprehensive literature review to understand what resources required updating. Based on these reviews and the needs assessment, specific content was developed or included for the current safer opioid prescribing toolkit. Feedback was sought from experts in the field and practicing primary care providers to ensure usability, applicability, and relevance for a practicing clinician.

Visit the toolkit now at michmed.org/optoolkit

Status: Ongoing
Funding: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Faculty Engagement: Eve Losman, MD