Opioid Tapering Prior to Total Knee and Total Hip Arthroplasty


A large number of patients present for elective surgery with a history of active opioid use for pain management. Recent work calls into question the benefit of opioid use for the treatment of chronic pain. When patients have surgery, they often require a short course of opioid based medication for acute pain management and it becomes dangerous and difficult to control acute pain in opioid tolerant patients. Our clinical practice is to recommend reduction in opioids whenever possible in anticipation of surgery. The goal of this work is to try to understand barriers that prevent patients from achieving a reduction and to better understand if our current interventions are effective.

Status: Ongoing
Funding: U-M Injury Center and Department of Anesthesiology
Faculty Engagement: Mary Janevic, MPH, PhD Faculty Engagement: Lewei (Allison) Lin, MD, MS Faculty Engagement: Jenna McAfee, PhD Faculty Engagement: Chad Brummett, MD
Category: Research