Prescription Opioids and Driving Risk: A Comparison by Dose and Medical Use and Misuse


The purpose of the pilot study is to compare the patterns of prescription opioid use, individual characteristics, driving behavior, and driving outcomes of three groups: high-dose (>50mg morphine equivalent per day [MME]) medical users, high-dose prescription opioid misusers, and low-dose (<50MME) opioid users. Non-medical opioid users will not be included due to the: small scope of the study and extra resources required to recruit this group; and because a primary intention of the proposed study is to identify opportunities to intervene in conjunction with opioid prescribing. Participants will be recruited at pain clinics and asked to complete an online survey and to provide permission to obtain their Michigan driver history and electronic medical records.

Status: Completed
Funding: U-M Injury Prevention Center
Faculty Engagement: Amy Bohnert, Ph.D., MHS
Category: Research