Scenario-Tailored Opioid Messaging Program: An Interactive Intervention to Prevent Analgesic-Related Adverse Drug Events in Children and Adolescents


Millions of children and adolescents are prescribed opioid pain relievers each year, placing them at risk for serious adverse events and misuse in the home setting. Parents who manage these medicines, therefore, need to recognize opioid-related risks and make decisions that will both reduce these risks yet ensure effective pain relief for their children. The research evaluates new strategies to help parents learn about opioid risks, make safe and effective analgesic decisions, and develop and demonstrate safe drug management behaviors. As such, this research promises to provide new approaches that will promote the safe and effective use of opioid analgesics for children and adolescents who need them.

Status: Ongoing
Funding: National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH/NIDA)
Category: Research