Teach Out Series: Solving the Opioid Crisis


This Teach-Out is being offered in partnership with the University of Michigan’s Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation and includes a number of expert voices. In this Teach-Out, experts from the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Dentistry will help us examine the impacts of this national epidemic and answer the key questions: What are opioids? How did we get to the current crisis? How can we recognize opioid abuse and what can we do about it? What makes the crisis so complex?

Find out more information here: http://ai.umich.edu/teach-out/

Status: Ongoing
Funding: Internal
Faculty Engagement: Amy Bohnert, Ph.D., MHS Faculty Engagement: Daniel Clauw, MD Faculty Engagement: Pooja Lagisetty, MD Faculty Engagement: Michael A. Smith, PHARMD, BCPS Faculty Engagement: Rebecca Haffajee, JD, PhD, MPH
Category: Education