University of Michigan Centers of Research Translation (CORT) grant


This large center grant hypothesizes that the same neural signature seen in fibromyalgia on brain imaging and quantitative sensory testing is also present in subsets of individuals with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and predicts unresponsiveness to opioids as well as peripherally directed therapies such as surgery to relieve pain, or biologics given to treat the inflammation associated with RA.

Status: Ongoing
Faculty Engagement: Alexander Tsodikov, Ph.D. Faculty Engagement: Steven Harte, Ph.D. Faculty Engagement: Afton L. Hassett, Psy.D Faculty Engagement: Richard E. Harris, Ph.D. Faculty Engagement: David A. Williams, Ph.D. Faculty Engagement: Jennifer Waljee, MD
Category: Research