Project Category: Research

Geographic Variation in the Availability of Neurologists and Opioid Usage

This project aims to describe geographic variation in neurologist density, neurologic conditions, and neurologist involvement in care and how that relates to opioid usage.

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Opioid control of midline thalamo-cortico-striatal glutamate transmission

Opioids such as morphine are effective at relieving pain but can also be addictive due to their rewarding properties. Brain areas that include the medial and anterior thalamus, prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices, and the dorsomedial striatum an …

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The Opioid Consent: Helping Optimize Information for Cancer and Effective (CHOICE) Pain Management

We will describe and compare Veterans with and without cancer with regard to patterns, settings, and chronicity of opioid use as well as the association of LtOT with pain outcomes and serious adverse opioid events. We will evaluate an implementation st …

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