On Saturday, March 23rd from 2:30 – 5:00 pm in the Michigan Union Courtyard The Lookout Project will host a collaborative event, ‘Harmonizing for Hope’. The Lookout Project is partnering with MUSIC Matters, another University of Michigan student organization that combines the love of music with a profound commitment to social impact. The Opioid Research Institute is also a partner for this event.

Harmonizing for Hope is an event intended to highlight music and art as a medium that cultivates and enriches community, a key element in recovery from Opioid Use Disorder. We will be showcasing a local Washtenaw band called ‘Chill Place’ which will perform with the themes of music and healing, community vs addiction, and art and resilience. There will also be 45-minute panel discussion with local professionals including an addiction specialist, board-certified music therapist, social worker, and medical student.